A truck crane is a type of lifting equipment that lifts, lowers, and moves heavy objects using intermittent and repetitive working methods of lifting hooks or other lifting tools. It is an indispensable large-scale engineering machinery for improving labor productivity and mechanization of production processes in various production departments of the national economy, being widely used for loading, unloading, and installation of various materials in various departments such as construction, transportation, agriculture, oil fields, water and electricity, military industry, and so on

The truck crane can travel fast between sites while requiring no other transportation equipment due to both the lifting function of the crane and the driving function of the truck, which has outstanding advantages in lifting equipment


The full extension length of the main boom is 43 meters, and the boom section is enlarged. The maximum lifting capacity of the full extension boom is 7.45t

Equipped with a 7-ton counterweight, the lateral span of the legs is 6.42m, resulting in higher operational stability

The brand new 2.55m wide chassis, with an increased height and width of a super large rectangular section frame, fully enhances the ability to withstand lifting, torsion, and bending

One click start for boarding operations, making operation more convenient and fast

High light LED leg lighting lamp, switch placed in the driver 's cab, more convenient for use at night

Frame type aluminum alloy engine hood, pneumatic shock absorption seats, foldable sleeper, quick change rate hook, fully optimized ergonomics

 Liugong integrates the main valve hydraulic system and a new pilot handle, making user control easy and comfortable

Crane Capacity 25t at 3 meters working range
Overall Length 12,945 mm
Overall Width 2,575 mm
Overall Height 3,465 mm
Axle Distance 4635+1350 mm
Wheel Distance 2080/1865/1865 mm
Dead Weigth in Travel Mode 33,400 kg
Power Parameters
Engine Model ISLe290 30
Power Output 213kW/2100rpm
Rate Torque of the Engine 1050N.m/1000~1900 rpm
Driving Parameters
Highest Driving Speed 80 km/h
Min Turning Diameter 22 m
Approach Angle 20°
Departure Angle 14°
Working Speed Parameters
Max. Rated Lifting Torque of Base Boom 1,051 kNm
Max. Rated Lifting Torque of Fully-extended Boom 809 kNm
Boom Full Extended Length 43 m
Base Boom Length 10.9 m
Fully-extended Boom + Jib Length 43+9 m
Distance of Outrigger Transversal 6.42 m
Distance of Outrigger Longitudinal 5.5 m
Fully Lifting/ Descending Time of Boom 40/65 s
Boom Full Extension Time/ Retraction Time of Boom 98/108 s
Max Swing Speed 2.4 r/min
Max. Single Rope Lifting Speed of Main Winch (no Load) 120 m/min
Auxiliary Winch (No Load) 120 m/min
Min. Turning Radius 3,315 mm